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Mixity - a Valmont Exclusive


With global resources and local expertise, Valmont designs and produces a broad selection of poles, masts, columns, towers and structures used in lighting, telecom, traffic and transportation management applications. 

With Valmont engineering talent and skilled manufacturing personnel and facilities spanning the globe, the Valmont team has daily contact with architects, designers and specifying engineers to discuss the design and production of these vital products. 

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Depending on your location and budget, Valmont can design, manufacture and produce a pole or related structure crafted from steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass-composite, concrete or a combination of these materials. We call this unique capability and material integration, Mixity.

Please contact one of our Key Account Managers for more information.

By using the most suitable materials for your design, Valmont can offer project-based customization. Whether it is a pole integrating a mix of materials or a prominent city square or public park in which you want to create visual interest by displaying an attractive mix of steel, aluminum and wood light poles, the Valmont Mixity concept can help you achieve a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look.