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History - Valmont Industries


Today, Valmont is a globally recognized leader in the civil infrastructure and agriculture industries. Like most every great company, Valmont began with one man who had a vision, an entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to create something of lasting value. So strong was that desire that he put his life savings—$5,000.00 USD—on the line. That man was Robert B. Daugherty. In 1946, he founded what was to become the company we know as Valmont Industries today.


From the lighting and traffic structures that guide your way, to communication towers and utility structures that power your home and business, to irrigation equipment that waters the croplands on which your food is grown, Valmont products improve lives worldwide.

We focus on two global markets: infrastructure and agriculture. Valmont Industries is present in 23 developed and developing countries, offering 27 brands from more than 90 facilities. International sales represent a significant portion of our revenues.


Valmont Industries operates in five primary business segments: Engineered Support Structures, Utility Support Structures, Coatings, Irrigation, and Energy & Mining. Valmont (VMI) is publicly traded on the NYSE.

Recognizing that our in-house technical, manufacturing and customer service professionals are the cornerstone of our accomplishments, we pride ourselves on being people of passion and integrity who excel and deliver results.

With 100+ professional engineers located worldwide, our customers choose Valmont year after year because of the integrity of our products, people and business operations.

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