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Valmont Roadway Safety Masts

Safety Masts

For roadside installations vulnerable to vehicular impacts, Valmont Structures develops and manufactures certified steel light poles which meet EN 12767 guidelines.

To provide the best possible protection to drivers and passengers, Valmont offers the OMNISAFE steel pole system. OMNISAFE poles feature a unique, patented design which meets the most stringent European crash safety requirement, 100NE3.

Safety poles are typically tested at specific angles or areas of impact. OMNISAFE steel masts provide 360° protection with a specially designed coupling so if a collision occurs, regardless of the impact point, the base slides off at an optimal angle.

Valmont also offers RELEPOLE safety poles which meet or exceed the European crash safety requirement, 100HE3. The RELEPOLE light pole is built with an internal truss system which is available in open and closed designs. A noteworthy advantage of choosing an open system is LED lighting can be integrated into the truss, which improves roadway safety in low-light conditions which may impair visibility.

Valmont is a unique light pole manufacturer in that we provide global resources and local expertise. We are pleased to offer a 100HE2 certified mast in this country which is designed and finely crafted in Finland by Tehomet, a Valmont company.

RC Tehomet Safety Pole offers a seamless, round conical design developed for roadside projects requiring high energy absorption capabilities and occupant-friendly crash behavior.

To learn more about Valmont roadway safety lighting poles, contact Valmont Mastbau.


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