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Valmont Zero Emission Pole - ZEP

ZEP - Zero Emission Poles


Conserving Resources. Improving Life.

Much more than a tagline, the Valmont, “Conserving Resources. Improving Life.” core philosophy is at the heart of the organization’s business activities.

With the masts and structures Valmont produces, the company strives to contribute to a better environment through sustainable practices. An excellent example of this effort is the Valmont Zero Emission Pole which is available upon request across the European and African continents.

The Zero Emission Pole is a CO2-neutral lighting, traffic or telecom pole which Valmont offers in steel, aluminum, or wood. For each of these materials, 100% of CO2 emissions are neutralized by Valmont’s participation in environmental programs in Mali, Africa.

This program enables the development of jatropha groves and farms in the sub-Saharan savannah. The drought-resistant greenery absorbs CO2 and produces oil-rich nuts used in the production of biodiesel fuels used in Mali.

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